Bachelor of Biblical Studies

Two-Year Transfer Degree Program

The Bachelor of Biblical Studies is the degree program designed for those students who come to SBC with a significant amount of qualifying academic transfer credit from an approved educational institution. For instance, if a matriculating student has earned an approved A.A. degree (or equivalent), that student may build the previous studies component into a bachelor’s degree in Biblical studies in as little as two additional years of study. It offers the same type of foundation of dynamic engagement with the Lord and His Word as does the ABS, but strategically combines those emphases with the accumulated educational background to create a unique convergence of disciplines.

Note: A Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree may also be earned by those transferring in substantial credits under the provisions of previous SBTS/SBC catalogs. In any case the minimum two-year program requirements listed below must be met. The BBS is excellent life preparation for those wanting to effectively live out Christ's life in their homes, communities and in the marketplace.

As in the ABS degree program, the two-year transfer degree program provides students with courses in the following areas:

Two-year SBC totals

Biblical Studies (including Bible & Theology) 44 credits
Practical Theology/Leadership Studies, Global Outreach, General Studies 52 credits

Including the transfer credits, the Bachelor of Biblical Studies degree requires a minimum of 186 total credits.